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About Us


Dream It - Build It - Share It

"OpenBuilds wants to see Open Source thrive because we know this community is the answer to solving much of the worlds problems today."

'OpenBuilds dedicates itself to the distribution of Open Hardware. Its main objective is to offer access to tools and advanced technology to anyone with passion, imagination and desire to push their limits as far as possible.

OpenBuilds® started in the year 2012 with the OpenRail™ Linear Rail. OpenRail™ is an Open Source Universal Linear Rail system specially designed for different configuration with T-Slot (80/20) extruded aluminium.

In 2013 Openbuilds presents its V-Slot™ Linear Rail, which is a building block made of aluminum. The V-Slot™ has straight grooves in a V-form which are used as a rail for the OpenBuilds V-Wheels. From 2012 till today Openbuilds continues with innovative new products. Introducing the wheels, plates and additional supports for their motion systems, as OpenRail™, VSlot™ and the latest C-Beam™, OpenBuilds can offer complete solutions for the construction of a motion system with ease, quality and precision.

The Xtreme product line started in 2014, while C-Beam™ and V-Slot™ 4040 Linear Rail are new for 2015. These products add higher durability and can be applied in places where higher payloads are applied. Accessories such as the OpenBuilds Router/Spindle Mount for the DeWalt or Bosch Router are just the beginning of more professional range of products.'

The OpenBuilds® Team are the founders of the open source hardware distributors Fair Share give back Program Pledge to simplify the process of giving back to the community from the distribution and sale of open source hardware parts.  This will inevitably grown the Open Source community larger than ever before.


Build Anything!