• Jog Knob Jog Knob

    Jog Knob

    These Jog Knobs were designed as a dual purpose part that can be used as a hand wheel (Jog Knob), or even a wheel hub.  "Use this knob to manually fine tune your machines positions; For instance you can jog over close...
  • Three Arm Knob Three Arm Knob

    Three Arm Knob

    These Three Arm Knobs can be used as hold down clamps for your CNC Machine and make for a quick, easy adjustment for part swap outs or position changes, whilst requiring little to no maintenance.  "To make simple hold downs for your CNC like...
  • Mounting Hub (5mm) Mounting Hub (5mm)

    Mounting Hub (5mm)

    These Mounting Hubs will allow you to mount to practically anything, gaining a strong connection (4 M5 Screws) to a Set Screw locking Shaft Hub.  "Since the spacing between the holes are at 20mm (standard spacing for V-Slot Linear...
  • Lock Collar Lock Collar

    Lock Collar

    As low as $0.99
    These Shaft Lock Collars (Set Screws Included) are great for use on ACME Threaded Rod or smooth shaft. Various sizes available for your convenience.  "Check out the Lead Screw Example Build Models Example 1 - Example...
    As low as $0.99