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OpenBuilds Part Store

Frequently Asked Questions

* Why do you use the SketchUp format for your 3D plans files?

SketchUp is a free and easy to use CAD program. (Click to Download)
It is great for Open Source builders because it allows everyone the ability to view and edit the build files.There are a lot of files posted in high-end CAD file formats that most people do not have access to or cannot afford. We know that this blocks the Open Source concept of sharing and so this is the main reason for using SketchUp (plus its fun!)
Start building with this Getting Started with SketchUp Guide (Click Here)

* Is OpenBuilds Extrusions available in longer lengths?  Currently, the longest length available is 1500mm.  Some have reported joining two pieces of V-Slot using Double Tee Nuts or various Joining Plates.  The smoothness of the transition will vary.
* Where can I find 3D Models of the Parts found on the OpenBuilds Part Store?  You can find most of the parts in various formats in the Resources Section of here:  Formats include SketchUp and many other CAD formats that are donated from volunteer builders.
* Can you help me with my design and/or can you help me complete my parts list for my design?  It is always recommended that you first create your Build virtually by building a 3D model in the CAD software of your choice.  From there, the best place for advice on your build/choice of parts is  You will have access to many like minded builders that will be able to provide many different persectives.  

* Can I request a Part be added to the Open Part Store?

Yes you can! We have created the Share A Part program.

Please fill out this simple 'Share A Part' form here:

NOTE: We will do our best to accommodate every request.Parts will be reviewed and considered for production.Not all parts will be produced Please read more at the Share A Part page. 

* Cool Logo, where can I get hi-res versions of them?

Thanks but we can't take credit we just adapted the Open Source logo to our own.

Read the full story on the original creator of the Open Source Hardware Logo (Macklin Chaffe) here:

You can download more OpenBuilds logos here:
OpenBuilds Logos