M5 Drill Tap

  • M5 Drill Tap
  • M5 Drill Tap
  • M5 Drill Tap
  • M5 Drill Tap


Drill and Tap at the same time with the M5 Drill Tap. Sold individually for your convenience.

"Whether you need to tap the end holes of V-Slot Linear Rail or tap a Plate, these are the tools to use!"

Product Details

  • Qty. 1
  • M5
  • Pitch: 0.80
  • Steel
  • Color: Silver

Pro-Tip: Be sure that your drill is on the low setting and you keep the tap straight as you go in slowly (do not force) and then reverse out.  It takes a few times of going in and out to get to your desired depth.  You can also use cutting oil to make the process even smoother. 

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