Smoothieboard 5xC v1.1

  • Smoothieboard 5xC  v1.1
  • Smoothieboard 5xC  v1.1
  • Smoothieboard 5xC  v1.1
  • Smoothieboard 5xC  v1.1


The Smoothieboard 5xC v1.1 is a high performance, 32-bit controller, with a big focus on versatility. 

Smoothieboard is an all inclusive 32-bit 3D Printer / CNC mill / Laser controller board.

 Product Details

  • 32-bit Cortex-M3 LPC1769 with 512kB flash and 64kB RAM
  • 5x A5984 stepper drivers with 1/32 micro-stepping
  • 4 x thermistor inputs
  • Ethernet and USB connections
  • SD card to store configuration and Gcode files
  • Runs Smoothieware firmware (, which is class leading in terms of ease of use, stability and performance
  • 3 x small Mosfets (lights, fans, SSRs, etc) and 3 x big mosfets (hotends, DC spindle, heated bed, etc)
  • Easy configuration: No need to reupload firmware to effect changes. Simply edit a 'config' text file on the SD card 
  • Digital Current control of Stepper Driver current: No fiddly potentiometers to adjust. See
  • Supports Cartesian, Delta, H-Bot and Scara mechanisms

Major Advantages of the Smoothieboard 5xC v1.1

  • Performance: 32-bit Micro-controller running at 120Mhz - far outperforms typical 8-bit/16Mhz controllers (Marlin, etc)
  • Versatility: Smoothieware is extremely flexible, allowing you to use the Smoothieboard for 3D printers, CNC mills, Plasma Cutters and Laser Cutters/Engravers
  • Ease of configuration: The Smoothieboard mounts its SD card as a removable USB flash-drive on your computer: This allows you to change configurations simply be editing a 'config' text file on the SD card. Firmware updates is as simple as copying the new firmware.bin to the removal drive, then resetting the board.
  • Some of the best documentation in the industry.  Less guesswork, means easier installation, customization and more time Making things.  See for details
  • Faster speeds (100Khz step rate) and smoother acceleration
  • Pluggable Screw terminals for Ease of wiring
  • Support for External Stepper drivers (Like our OpenBuild's DQ542MA Drivers)
  • Supports alternative motion control systems like Linear Delta, H-Bot/CoreXY, Morgan Scara and Feather
  • Supports dual Extruders (5XC Model)
  • Touchprobe Support 

1) Update your firmware: 

1.1) Instructions:

1.3) Use firmware-cnc.bin (renamed to firmware.bin before copied to SD) for Lasers/CNCs

2) Configuration
2.1) Instructions:
3) Smoothieware has a very extensive Wiki outlining all the functionality and modules that can be configured, over on

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