BattleBots Team Selects OpenBuilds 


Photo Credit: witchdrshaman via Instagram 

OpenBuilds, the largest Open Source machine design sharing community, pairs with BattleBots Witch Doctor team to help boost Miami MakerSpace.


MAKEMIA, located in Doral Florida is a non-profit makerspace that also serves as the home of BattleBots competitor Team Witch Doctor. The team helps to bring science and technology to life for the local community with a very popular Combat Robotics class. Due to the threat of injury, an enclosed box, or arena, is preferred for robot competitions. A design was drawn up and MAKEMIA began looking for ways to make this arena happen.

OpenBuilds V-Slot Linear Rail, connectors, and accessories proved to be the ideal solution for creating a safe and sturdy structure and the team went straight to the source.

About OpenBuilds:

OpenBuilds was founded in 2013 by Mark Carew. OpenBuilds began as an online hacker space where makers and mechanical engineers could collaborate in an open environment. The OpenBuilds forums remain a valuable resource for people of all skill levels. The OpenBuilds Modular Building System (OBS) allows engineers and builders to easily create machines with compatible mix and match parts. 

“It’s exciting to see so many people getting into robotics. We ourselves are super fans of Witch Doctor since season 1 and hearing about them giving back to their community both of their time and of their talents, we were thrilled to help make this arena come to life for MAKEMIA.” Mark Carew, founder OpenBuilds."