OpenBuilds Reaches Milestone

OpenBuilds Reaches Milestone

OpenBuilds Milestone 500 Open Source Machine Builds

OpenBuilds, the largest Open Source Builders community, blows the boundaries off the traditional content collections that simply store data for downloading. OpenBuilds content lives and breathes. Acting as a virtual hacker space, the community frequently contributes Open Source machine build plans or design ideas so that they can be shared and hashed out with the community.

OpenBuilds is proud to announce that today, we’ve reached a milestone with more than 500 Open Source Builds! Simply put, OpenBuilds has THE biggest assortment of Open Source machine builds found anywhere! CNC Machines, 3D printer, Laser Cutters and more are well represented thanks to our members, many of whom are well-known creative giants from around the globe. Through these Open Source Build plans and OpenBuilds high quality hardware, businesses, schools and home enthusiasts have access to create very affordable machines.

Our members have taken OpenBuilds to new heights by making it their own. The Open Source nature of the group thrives thanks to the member base who give back to the community by sharing their Builds, project resources, and by generously giving advice. It would be easy to sit back and only take from the community however, those that share know that by doing so, they have invested in their own future.

OpenBuilds began as an Open Source hardware pioneer with the vision of a modular Building system that would allow anyone to Build anything. V-Slot® became the Building block and a catalog of easy to use hardware accessories soon followed. Today, those parts and accessories continue to grow and evolve to match the demand of the OpenBuilds community.

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Aug 1st 2016 OpenBuilds Team

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