Building up the FairShare Program, One Quanta at a Time

Building up the FairShare Program, One Quanta at a Time

Quanta on Kickstarter

As a fellow builder here at OpenBuilds, I have benefited so much from the community here sharing their designs, tips, mistakes, feats of ingenuity and overall experience in my own journey to become a better CNC’er. One of the things that makes this community possible is that it is dedicated to cultivating open source hardware which makes it so fast and easy to iterate ideas and build on other people’s work while at the same time contributing your own unique aspects back again to the ecosystem.

There are many ways that the open hardware movement has gained tremendous traction over the past few years but the FairShare Give Back program really stands out. It is one of the most tangible ways that open hardware development is being facilitated today and I am very excited to be able to support it.

As our way of giving back to the open hardware community, my team and I have developed the Quanta Clip in order to help provide a recurring source of funding for the FairShare program as well as to help showcase the abilities of open source CNC. Our shop is committed to donating a quarter of all revenue from each clip sold, after the conclusion of its launch on Kickstarter, to the FairShare program. Furthermore, once the campaign is concluded and rewards are shipped our company separately pledges to match 50% of whatever we raise on the campaign to donate to the FairShare program. The FairShare program is currently supporting a plethora of awesome open source innovation around the world and I’m excited to get the word out and help bring these projects to life!

The future of open source fabrication technology is very bright indeed and I hope you’ll check out the Quanta on Kickstarter and maybe even think about producing your own open hardware themed swag as well, the sky’s truly the limit!

Thanks from @alex_b and the rest of the Ronin Energetics team.

Sep 2nd 2016 Alex B, Ronin Energetics

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