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Gantry Carts

Gantry Carts

  • V-Slot Gantry Set - Universal V-Slot Gantry Set - Universal


    V-Slot Gantry Set - Universal

    The V-Slot® Gantry Set - Universal makes building your project easy. The Universal V-Slot Gantry Plate was designed to fit on all standard V-Slot Linear Rail.  Set Includes: (1) V-Slot Gantry Plate (4) Solid V Wheel...
  • V-Slot Gantry Set - 20mm V-Slot Gantry Set - 20mm


    V-Slot Gantry Set - 20mm

    The V-Slot Gantry Plate - 20mm was designed to run on all 20mm sides of V-Slot Linear Rail. Set Includes: (1) V-Slot Gantry Plate (4) Solid V Wheel Kits (Option) (2) Aluminum Spacers - 6mm (2) Eccentric...
  • C-Beam Gantry Set C-Beam Gantry Set


    C-Beam Gantry Set

    The C-Beam® Gantry Set makes building your project easy. You can use this C-Beam Gantry Set to ride on the inside of the C-Beam® Linear Rail system. Set Includes: (4) Low Profile Screws - 25mm (2) Aluminum Spacers -...
  • Mini V Gantry Set Mini V Gantry Set


    Mini V Gantry Set

    The Mini V Gantry Set makes building your project easy.  You can use this Mini V Gantry to ride on any 20mm side of the V-Slot® Linear Rail system. "These Mini V Gantry Sets also work well with the Mini V Linear Actuator...