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Nigeria’s First Fab Lab Upgrades to OpenBuilds MiniMill


 Photo Credit: Greenlabs Microfactory via Facebook 

OpenBuilds, the largest Open Source machine design sharing community, donates award winning OpenBuilds MiniMill portable CNC machine to Nigeria’s first fablab.

OpenBuilds learned of Greenlab’s purpose and challenges and knew that the OpenBuilds MiniMill could change lives in Nigeria and provided the MiniMill to Greenlab Microfactory.

About Greenlab Microfactory:

Greenlab Microfactory is an open source off-grid microfactory created by Babasile Oladele-Emmanuel to teach the community how to bring their dreams to reality.  During a solar panel workshop, it became clear that the existing technology and tools were inadequate, and the leaders began searching for affordable solutions.  The team selected the OpenBuilds MiniMill as a very affordable and central piece of equipment for their cause.

“The MiniMill would greatly help us to achieve our vision of reinventing both the innovation and education system of Nigeria, as well as breeding the real change makers in Nigeria.”  Babasile Oladele-Emmanuel, founder Greenlab Microfactory. 

About OpenBuilds:

OpenBuilds was founded in 2013 by Mark Carew.  OpenBuilds began as an online hacker space where makers and mechanical engineers could collaborate in an open environment.  The OpenBuilds forums remain a valuable resource for people of all skill levels. 

“We are always looking for ways to help and give back to the open source community.  The work that Babasile and his team is doing aligns closely with our values and we knew that we had to be a part of it.”  Mark Carew, founder OpenBuilds. 

About OpenBuilds MiniMill: 

The OpenBuilds MiniMill is an extremely sturdy and ridged CNC machine geared for precise milling and carving.  Suitable for Delrin, acrylic, wood, hardwood, aluminum and much more.  Recognized for design, quality and value by industry leading publications including

  • Make: Magazine Editor’s Choice for CNC Machines, 2019 Digital Fabrication Guide
  • Make: Magazine 2018 Gift Guide Editor’s Choice
  • 2017 Top Pick