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  • PowerCase Kit

    Copper Pour

    PowerCase Kit

    The PowerCase is an awesome addition to the OpenBuilds electronics ecosystem! This design was created to provide a simplistic approach to achieve a more "plug and play" type of electronics system...
  • LEAD CNC 1010 (40" x 40")


    LEAD CNC 1010 (40" x 40")

    Powerful and accurate lead screw driven CNC router with plenty of work area.  Mount a router to the frame and you are ready to begin milling your own wood, plastic or aluminum projects...
  • Flexible Tubing Clamps


    Flexible Tubing Clamps

    These are the clamps we use to firmly hold the Flexible Corrugated Tubing for short wire runs on our builds. The rubber lining holds the tubing tightly while allow flex in the tube runs on motion...
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