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  • Hex Standoff - M3 (4 Pack)

    Hex Standoff - M3 (4 Pack)

    Purpose built and rigid, these nylon standoffs are threaded to accommodate M3 bolts and are designed for use with any application where M3 size standoffs are needed. A typical use for these standoffs can be as spacers for OpenCase circuit projects...
  • Eccentric Spacer


    Eccentric Spacer

    These Eccentric Spacers are the perfect solution for creating a pre-load from the V-Wheels to the V-Slot Linear Rail. Pro-Tip: Eccentric Spacers comes with a divot on the outside which allows you to know at all times where the smallest...
  • Aluminum Spacers (10 Pack)


    Aluminum Spacers (10 Pack)

    Aluminum spacers used throughout our system to ensure precision alignment and spacing between components. Product Features Rigid to maintain stability during motion Lightweight, non-magnetic and corrosion resistance What is Included (10) Aluminum...
  • Nylon Spacers (10 Pack)

    Nylon Spacers (10 Pack)

    Nylon spacers are perfectly suited were non-conductive applications are needed and/or as standoff for electronic components. Product Features Achieve precise spacing between components Protect your electronics from electrical discharge What is...