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About Us

Dream It - Build It - Share It american-flag-waving.png


Our Mission

Working together to help you build your dreams. 


OpenBuilds was founded in 2013 by self-admitted tinkerer Mark Carew. His goal was to create a place where makers and mechanical designers could collaborate and share ideas in an open and free flowing environment.   The OpenBuilds community is THE place to be for people of all skill levels to share ideas and help one another find solutions.

As an avid builder, Mark experienced firsthand the frustration of trying to find parts from various vendors that would fit together. At times, the part he needed did not yet exist.   He knew there had to be a better way, so Mark began designing and testing hardware that would work in any imaginable configuration. Thus, the OpenBuilds modular building system was born.   With V-Slot and later C-Beam linear rail as the framing foundation, a complete line of compatible parts was developed so that every maker around the world could easily find what they need.


We believe that open source allows everyone to contribute and make things better. OpenBuilds is committed to sharing their designs with the community for exactly this purpose.

OpenBuilds today boasts almost 40 team members and a never-ending pipeline of ideas to spark your creativity for years to come. Much like the childhood metal erector sets of your youth, OpenBuilds system, along with the OpenBuilds online community, can help anyone “Dream It! Build It! Share It!”­


Build Anything!