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FairShare Give Back Program Information 

Open Source is a movement intended to promote the free will sharing of ideas and designs.  As ideas are shared, they are often used, in or remixed to shape new ideas.  When a new design is created, there could be many generations of remixed ideas leading up to the single item.   How does an Open Source company give proper credit as required by open source licenses and redistribute the proceeds when taking a product to market?


Determined to find a solution that was fair and balanced, OpenBuilds founded the FairShare Give Back Program as a model for all companies that trade in open source products.  Those who independently implement the FairShare Give Back Program commit to give at least 5% of all proceeds to new and ongoing Open Source projects.  By backing these projects, OpenBuilds, along with the rest of the Open Source community, benefit from innovation.


OpenBuilds has used the FairShare Give Back Program to provide resources to hundreds upon hundreds of Open Source projects, developers and schools around the world.   One of the most rewarding aspects of giving is hearing back from students who have learned new skills.  It is an honor to play a small part in helping to make a difference in the lives of our youth.


When you donate or shop with an organization that supports and promotes the FairShare Give Back Program, you can be certain that you too are supporting the Open Source Community.

" We believe that if all Open Source businesses adopt the FairShare Give Back Program model, the Open Source Community will exponentially grow and thrive beyond the scope of any one individual’s success. We’re all part of the open source eco-system, so let’s keep things going by giving back to its community."



Fair Share Program FAQ’s


What is the FairShare Give Back Program? 

The FairShare Give Back Program is a pledge to voluntarily give 5% of all profits back to the Open Source Community.    Any company can self-administer their program and determine the best places in which to redistribute their funds.

OpenBuilds uses the program to give back to the Open Source Community in a simple, uncomplicated fashion. Find a worthy Open Source organization or help move a specific project or developer along through a financial contribution.  The choice is yours when you adopt the FairShare Give Back Program at your location.

When you see the FairShare Program Logo on websites and literature, you will know that they are a contributor to the success of the Open Source Community through voluntary financial contributions to the Open Source Projects of their choice.


How can I help spread the word about the FairShare Give Back Program?

There are many ways to help the Open Source Community.  You can implement your own FairShare Give Back Program or support companies who have a program in place.


Download FAIR SHARE Logos


Who is eligible to receive a FairShare Give Back?

Any individual and/or organization who has or is actively working on an Open Source Project or who contributes to Open Source in some way.

How are the FairShare Give Back recipients selected? 

OpenBuilds is always on the lookout for organizations and projects that help make the Open Source movement successful. A great way to get noticed by OpenBuilds is to share your Open Source Projects on


Can an organization or project receive FairShare Give Back Support more than once? 



Can I donate to the FairShare Give Back Program? 

Yes, you can!  100% of donated proceeds will be distributed to an Open Source Project(s)/Organization(s). You can donate through PayPal with the link below.


    The Open Source Community Thanks You!



Where can I give back to the Open Source community? 

There are a lot of ways to give your time, talent, or resources to the Open Source community. Here are some suggestions:



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