C-Beam Release

New Product Launch!

The OpenBuilds Team
Is Proud To Present
The Latest Addition to the V-Slot Family


The All New Linear Rail / Modular Building System

'C-Beam was born out of a necessity to create a stronger rail that has plenty of room for transmission components such as belts and leads while maintaining the modular advantages of     V-Slot.'

Watch the C-Beam introduction video below

CBeam Introduction Video

C-Beam is a new profile based off of the popular OpenBuilds V-Slot Modular Building System

C-Beam™ is also available in C-Beam Actuator Bundle Packs!

C-Beam can be used for making easy to build linear actuators.

C-Beam actuators are very easy to assemble and use.

C-Beam is available in three popular lengths:

  • 250mm
  • 500mm
  • 1000mm

Each end of C-Beam™ has 4 pre-tapped (M5) holes that allow for super easy mounting of end plates.

C-Beam is a modular building system

C-Beam is modular and compatible with V-Slot™   Building possibilities are endless!


We feel we have achieved all of our goals with C-Beam including keeping costs affordable. C-Beam is so new that we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible and cannot wait to see what the world will create with it!

Exciting new builds are coming to OpenBuilds soon using C-Beam!

Sneak peek of Prototype C-Beam built machines ;)

More C-Beam upgrades and accessories coming soon...

Thank you so much for your support as we move forward to help grow the open source community build at a time!

Thank you,

OpenBuilds Team

P.S. Please stay tuned as there are many new exciting announcements coming soon...!

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Mar 28th 2015 OpenBuilds Team

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