Designing & Setting up your CNC Control Box

Designing & Setting up your CNC Control Box

Creating your ideal CNC Control Box for your new machine can be the most creative part of your build.  It's got to function well and fit into your workspace.  If it can look good while doing the job that's even better!  

Step 1)  Determine what you are going to put in the box

A CNC Control box serves as a place to tame your electronic components.  Most often, the control box is used to house Stepper Motor Drivers, Controller Board, power supply and it can even host the Emergency Stop button.  Pull together the parts you want to organize into your CNC Control Box for a better understanding of the box size you will need to make.

Step 2) Select a design

Bare bones or high design, your box design is limited to your imagination.  Boxes can be made from V-Slot, scrap wood, or plastic project boxes.  Be sure to include the proper ventilation for cooling!

Frame Mount



Off Frame




Form & Function

Step 3) Setting up your control box

Check out the 3 videos below to see how other OpenBuilds members set up their control boxes.  The OpenBuilds forum is packed with questions and answers from folks just like you who may be new to this or just want to try new ideas.  Be sure to look around and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Thanks to OpenBuilds member KYO for sharing his overview of the  C-Beam Sphinx Control Box

Special Thanks to OpenBuilds member Savvas for showing us how he set up his CNC Control Box in Part 8 & 9 of his build series:  

(Be sure to check out the rest of this video series Parts 1 - 7 too!)

Have fun designing and building your own CNC Control Box.  Be sure to post your pictures on!

Feb 8th 2017 OpenBuilds Team

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