Everything You Wanted to Know About Version 3 of the CNC xPRO Controller

Everything You Wanted to Know About Version 3 of the CNC xPRO Controller

Version 3 of the CNC xPRO controller will be available in Matte Black finish (not shown)

The CNC xPRO is already known as a single board stepper motor driver that runs the open source G-code interpreter GRBL. The CNC xPRO features:

  • 4 stepper connections
  • Full to 1/32 stepping
  • Options for input and feedback include E-Stop/Reset, Feed Hold, Cycle Start, Homing Location (X,Y,Z Limits), and Z-Probing.
  • Spindle Direction and PWM Control output
  • Current limiting adjustments for each axis
  • Heatsinks installed
  • Latest stable version of GRBL installed

CNC xPRO V3 further expands the capabilities of the board and simplifies the users experience. 


  • Redesigned silkscreen (more pictures, less words)
  • New/Improved FTDI serial USB interface
  • Auxiliary PC fan header (12/24VDC depending on supply voltage)
  • 100% Input buffering to include limit switches (prevent false triggers)
  • Motor driver output LEDs
  • Step/Dir breakout pads to add external drivers
  • Beefed up overvoltage/reverse voltage protection
  • Z-probe pin now accessible from screw terminal
  • Default set to mixed decay (easily changed to slow or fast with jumpers)
  • E-stop now tied to hardware and software (disables steppers in addition to software E-stop)
  • Uses the ATmega328PB (new version of the ATmega328, includes more timers, USART, etc)

Nov 22nd 2016 OpenBuilds Team

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