New Awesomeness for 2017

New Awesomeness for 2017

New Awesomeness

Thank you for your continued support of OpenBuilds!  

OpenBuilds has always been a leader in the Open Source Hardware industry 

and 2017 will be no exception.

There is a lot of awesome to report this round, so jump in and see what 

new exciting things are in the happenings at OpenBuilds.

The OpenBuilds Design Team has moved into a brand new Lab featuring more room for tools, testing equipment and even a photo/video studio. We've got some amazing new machine designs in the works. Looking forward to seeing many truly cool ideas get off the ground and into your hands!

Over at the OpenBuilds Part Store, a new discount program launched in November. Now you can earn discounts on your next order.

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The OpenBuilds fulfillment center is streamlining operations and bringing on more team members to help serve you faster. You can expect to see more bundles, new product lines, and new versions of the hardware you already know and love.

A big part of OpenBuilds is our forum and this week we welcomed our 50,000th registered member.

That’s a lot of sharing! 

OpenBuilds is committed to making the exchange of open source ideas even easier this year. We’ll also do a lot of sharing of our own with new videos, contests and giveaways.


2017 is going to be a fun ride. Don’t miss out - GET CONNECTED. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also join our group on Google+.

We look forward to seeing your build on!

OpenBuilds Team

Congratulations to members RSW and MUH_3D

Grand Prize Winners in January's Workshop Faceoff Contest
Prize pack included an OpenBuilds T-Shirt and Certificate.
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Jan 31st 2017 OpenBuilds Team

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