New size for OpenBuilds V-Slot™ System

New size for OpenBuilds V-Slot™ System

New V-Slot Sizes

The Openbuilds® store has added a new lengths to the assortment of V-Slot products

250mm lengths are now in stock and available to ship for ALL sizes of Vslot!

This includes: 

  • Our new 40mm size V-Slot, 
  • OpenRail 
  • Slot Covers 
  • As well as C-Beam™ for your heavy-duty projects 


V_Slot 40x40V-Slot Slot CoversV-Slot 40x40 Rail

OpenBuilds Part Store is now stocking

1500mm, 1000mm, 500mm, and 250mm 

in all V-Slot products!

Available in anodized silver (and anodized black where specified).

We hope this will allow you to spend more time on your builds and less time cutting!

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Sep 16th 2015

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