New V-Slot 20mm Gantry Plate Released!

New V-Slot 20mm Gantry Plate Released!

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The All New V-Slot 20mm Gantry Plate!

This plate was designed to be used when a smaller, lighter plate is desired on the 20mm side of V-Slot.

This plate is great when full size wheels are preferred along with a smaller foot print needed.

We want to ensure that we simplify belt clamping so we have incorporated 'Fold-Through' Slots to allow you to easily fold the timing belt teeth back onto themselves and zip tie or clamp them in place.  

V-Slot 20mm Gantry Plate

The OpenBuilds Design Team has received a lot of request for a small plate that can use standard V-Wheels

This is a great plate size with multiple holes that will allow for many new build possibilities and we can't wait to see the new builds created using it!

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Jan 12th 2015 OpenBuilds Team

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