New Products Update

The first full production run of V-Slot has been placed!  We are on track for our estimated end of June/beginning of July shipping date!


V-Slot in Black?!? Oh Yeah!
Based on the KickStarter Survey Results, we decided to add Black as a V-Slot option.  It's going to be sweet to have this available for your next build!  Comes in all 4 V-Slot Sizes!

V-Slot is available for Pre-Order now!
Clear and Black V-Slot is available for pre-order.

Backer Only Discounts
Backer Discounts Coupon Codes will be released this weekend!  We are working hard to get all of the new Parts added to the store which will allow you to order everything you need in one transaction.  The discounts below will apply to V-Slot, V-Slot Plates, and V-Slot Mini Parts.

Orders in May  -  20% off
Orders in June - 15% off
Orders in July  -  10% off

If you want to order now before the coupon codes are released, it's ok.  We will refund the discount amount to you.  You can shop with confidence.

V-Slot Plates
We have received the sample plates and approved them after making a few minor changes.  They look great!  They should be complete in plenty of time for the June/July V-Slot shipping and we hope even sooner than that.  We will keep you posted.

V-Slot Mini
We are working hard getting all of the Parts ready for the V-Slot Mini.  Some have arrived, others are being manufactured, and others are still in the tooling phase.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything comes together and that they will ship to you at the same time as V-Slot and the V-Slot Plates.

New Parts
In addition to the V-Slot Stretch Goal Parts, we have added several other new Parts to theOpenBuilds Part Store.  New Parts are being added daily.  Please check back often.

Lots more NEW parts are on the store have already been added Check them out

Please stay tuned lots more to come! 

Thank you all for your support in bringing open source hardware to everyone.

OpenBuilds Team

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May 23rd 2013

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