A Wide Addition, the C-Beam Machine XLARGE!

A Wide Addition, the C-Beam Machine XLARGE!

OpenBuilds, in conjunction with Resident Builder Moag, are happy to share the newest addition to the CNC Machine lineup - the C-Beam Machine XLarge! Designed with precision and strength in mind, in a sexy double-wide format, the XLarge is capable of milling a variety of material including Aluminum plate (with light cuts).

The build manual is one of the best we've ever seen.  Very detailed and easy to follow, even for the beginner builder!

Featuring easy to source, off the shelf OpenBuilds Parts in an adaptable design.  Just add your unique imagination by modifying the design, tossing in some more parts or by making your own plates with this capable CNC Machine. Part of the fun is adding your individual touch to the build for your own special requirements. Who knows where that might lead you and the brilliant ideas you will come up with! 

To make shopping a bit easier for you, OpenBuilds Part Store is now offering a convenient mechanical parts bundle.  It couldn't be easier to get started on this really useful machine.

  • 750 mm x 330 mm (29.5” x 13”) X&Y axis cut area.
  • Usable cut depth is dependent on how you mount your spindle/router, bit length used and spoil board height. But as a ballpark measurement you are looking at 1 inch (25 mm) material. The Z working height is over 2 inches for deep carving.
  • The physical footprint is 1000 mm x 500 mm (with the moving Y-table protruding out about 170 mm at full travel, front and back) with the High Torque Steppers sticking out about 140 mm from the frame at the back. Maximum Height ( Z-axis fully up) is about 630 mm.
  • All the precise Acme Lead Screws are faced away from flying chips to help keep them clean.
  • Outside mounted Xtreme Solid V Wheels™ used throughout for easy on machine adjustment, tuning and strength.
  • Doubled up and adjustable Acme Nut blocks on Y and X axes with an Anti-Backlash Nut Block on the Z-axis to reduce/remove backlash.
  • Strong and accurate C-Beam™ and V-Slot™ Linear Rail with the new heavy duty C-Beam™ Gantry Plate XLarge used for all Actuators.
  • OpenBuilds Router / Spindle Mount (71 mm inside diameter) designed for the Bosh Colt Router; but with some additional shimming, it is also suitable for the Dewalt 611 Router and the 0.8kw Chinese Spindles (65 mm diameter).

Aug 18th 2016 OpenBuilds Team

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