High Z Mod for Lead 1010 CNC

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  • High Z Mod for Lead 1010 CNC
  • High Z Mod for Lead 1010 CNC
  • High Z Mod for Lead 1010 CNC
  • High Z Mod for Lead 1010 CNC
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The High Z modification for the LEAD CNC brings your creative capabilities to new heights! With 8" of clearance this modification can be adapted easily to your existing LEAD CNC Router. The structural design is rigid and capable of milling through hard woods, plastics, foam. The sky is the limit with your LEAD CNC, its time to take your projects to the next level!

Product Features

  • 8” clearance compared to 2” for working with thicker materials
  • 2D & 3D deep carving

What is Included

Product Specifications

Materials you can Mill/Cut/Carve & Engrave
Get creative with OpenBuilds materials and watch your projects come to life. When using an extended bit we recommend the use of softer materials, such as wood and foam. However, you can lower the Z axis down and cut harder materials just like the LEAD CNC.

Cast Acrylic

Wood Soft / Hard


Non Ferrous Metals



Assembly/Support/Documentation/3D Models
Easy follow along assembly video – top notch awesome community support – open source files and documentation and examples.

This design or build includes OpenBuilds®, LLC design work(s) shared Open Source under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License Terms and Conditions

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