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Advantages of OpenBuilds LEAD CNC Laser Upgrade with XF+ Laser Head

  • Simple user-focused installation on all OpenBuilds CNC machines. PLH3D-CNC Adapter ensures compatibility with all different CNC machine builds from OpenBuilds parts store. You will effectively still be able to use your XF+ OpenBuilds CNC laser if you get an upgrade to a different cnc machine build.
  • Laser Diode Driver is integrated inside the laser head for flawless performance.
  • Compatible with the High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle for laser cutting and engraving, which increases your laser processing speed by up to 6.5 times compared to the base speed (typically doubling or tripling your laser cutting and engraving speed).
  • Compatible with the uSpot Lens Upgrade for XF+, which significantly increases the resolution obtained, the optical power density as well as boosts laser engraving and laser cutting speed by up to 2.5 times the base speed (typically allowing you to achieve 40% to 80% higher throughput).
  • The kit already includes the LaserDock System. This laser docking station allows you to quickly attach and detach your XF+ OpenBuilds CNC laser from Opt Lasers. The LaserDock ensures that the laser head is always placed back exactly at the same spot on your OpenBuilds CNC. Repeated laser attachment and disattachment are not a problem anymore as they don’t require working distance calibration reruns.
  • The achievable precision allows you to complete projects that are simply not possible with just a milling bit or a spindle. The majority of our laser head users earn money with their laser units on OpenBuilds machines.
  • No additional cooling is needed, the Opt Lasers' XF+ laser for OpenBuilds machines incorporates the strongest fan for its size to provide the best cooling and to remove smoke.

Attach a laser to your CNC Router and take your projects to the next level

Laser Add On
OPT Laser is known to produce high quality laser systems compatible with the OpenBuilds Modular System (Affiliate Links)

All Vital Elements are Strictly Free of Plastic to Ensure Top User Safety While Using Your Cutting Laser for OpenBuilds CNC machines

The XF+ cutting and engraving laser unit for OpenBuilds machines, just like the rest of Opt Lasers Grav's laser heads and other products, does not contain crucial elements that are made of plastic. Being aware of what any OpenBuilds CNC machine operation involves as well as its working conditions, Opt Lasers made a decision not to use any plastic in all crucial parts to ensure proper user safety. This is especially important for OpenBuilds CNC machine's laser housing and laser assembly parts. While it might seem that plastic elements in laser upgrade units are safe for use, they can easily crack, bend or break. If that happens, the LEAD CNC or WorkBee CNC user has little to no control over where the scattered or direct laser radiation goes, which constitutes a major safety hazard.

Includes Highest Quality Engraving and Cutting Laser Head - PLH3D-6W-XF+

XF+ is a best-selling 6 W laser from PLH3D Series. Featuring a robust high-quality design, it is a professional high-performance engraving and cutting laser head designed for hobbyists and industrial applications alike. This laser is compatible with every Openbuilds CNC machine. Even though the kit already includes a power supply unit, the XF+ laser for OpenBuilds CNC Machines is compatible with a wide range of common PSUs. This OpenBuilds LEAD CNC laser from Opt Lasers has the strongest-for-its-size fan to provide the best cooling as well as smoke removal. What's more, the kit is shipped with a lens adjusting tool (lens spanner wrench), which facilitates changing the focus distance in case the LEAD CNC or WorkBee CNC laser user wishes to do so. You can also discover further interesting information about the Cutting and Engraving Laser 6W-Series for Openbuilds machines. The XF+ laser head can also be bought with an Eco Saver range kit, valued at $629. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Eco Saver CNC Laser Add-on kits are only compatible with controllers that do not require an enable signal. As such, they might not be compatible with all custom OpenBuilds CNC machine builds. They would however work with the OpenBuilds BlackBox controller.

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