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  • OpenBuilds Materials Maple
  • OpenBuilds Materials Maple


Maple's white, light golden color and generally straight to wavy grain with a fine even texture is why it's in such demand.ÿ It is fairly easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Maple is perfectly suited for CNC router machining or laser cutting/engraving and very popular for signs, trays or any project needing a beautiful natural wood.

It comes in a variety of hues, is a highly durable wood and easy to work on straight grain sections.ÿ It turns, glues, stains, and finishes well though it is recommended to use a pre-conditioner or gel stain to avoid blotchiness.

Get your hands on some of these and take your projects to the next level!


  • Perfect for CNC Router / Laser milling,  cutting or engraving
  • Natural material with variations in color, grain and pattern makes for unique projects
  • Planed to thickness
  • Surface sanded

What is Included

  • (1) Maple 6" x 12" x your choice of thickness

Product Specifications

  • Size  6" x 12" 
  • Thickness:  1/4", 1/2", 3/4"
  • Material:  Wood
  • Finish: unfinished

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