V-Slot® Mini V Linear Actuator Bundle

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  • V-Slot® Mini V Linear Actuator Bundle
  • V-Slot® Mini V Linear Actuator Bundle
  • V-Slot® Mini V Linear Actuator Bundle


This actuator is part of a unique system which not only works well as a stand-alone actuator but also connects together to create limitless configurations. This is accomplished through the custom made OpenBuilds Linear Actuator End Mounts. They include the necessary mounting holes to mount onto the Mini V Gantry Plates which results in this unique system.

Grab a few of these actuators, connect them together and see the amazing things you can build today.

  • Belt Driven GT2-2M Timing Belts
  • Travel distance:
        • 500mm is ~15" (380mm)
        • 1000mm is ~35" (880mm)
        • 1500mm is ~54" (1380mm)
  • Accuracy: 0.003" ~0.007" (0.10mm ~0.20mm)
  • Accuracy Positioning: 0.260mm
  • Max Force: 2.5lb (11N)
  • Max Speed: ~10000 mm/min
Bundle Contents
Includes all the necessary Parts to assemble your actuator. (Complete part list)

V-Slot Linear Rail

Mini V Gantry Plate

Mini V Wheel

GT2 Timing Pulley 30T

GT2 Belts

Assembly Hardware

Complete your Actuator with these popular add-ons.

NEMA 17 Stepper Motor

Assembly/Support/Documentation/3D Models
Easy follow along assembly video – top notch awesome community support – open source files and documentation and examples.

This design or build includes OpenBuilds®, LLC design work(s) shared Open Source under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License Terms and Conditions

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