OpenBuilds ACRO 510 20" x 40"

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  • OpenBuilds® OpenBuilds ACRO 510 20" x 40"
  • OpenBuilds® OpenBuilds ACRO 510 20" x 40"
  • OpenBuilds® OpenBuilds ACRO 510 20" x 40"
  • OpenBuilds® OpenBuilds ACRO 510 20" x 40"
  • OpenBuilds® OpenBuilds ACRO 510 20" x 40"



Imagine the creative power at your fingertips – the ACRO System invites you to explore a world of customization. With the freedom to attach different tools, whether it's diode lasers, pen holders, or pick and place systems, your creative potential knows no bounds. This is not just a positioning system; it's a gateway to countless innovative applications.

Available in a multitude of sizes, catering to your specific needs. From compact ventures to more expansive undertakings, there's an ACRO System size tailored just for you.

Join the league of creators who have chosen the OpenBuilds ACRO System to transform their visions into reality. Affordable, versatile, and empowering, this system is more than a purchase – it's an investment in your creative journey. Don'tmiss out on the opportunity to experience precision, versatility, and the thrill of creating with the ACRO System.

Travel (Work Area)

X Axis 12" (300mm) / Y Axis 30" (800mm) / Z Axis 2 3/4" manually adj.

Workable Material Height
Variable based on toolhead used
Drive System:
Belt Driven GT2 timing belts
Machine Accuracy
0.003"~0.007" (0.10mm~0.20mm)
20" x 40" (500mm x 1000mm)
Choose the size that best fits your needs.
This kit includes all the necessary Parts to assemble your machine. (Complete part list)

V-Slot Linear Rail

ACRO Plates

GT2 14 Tooth Pulley

GT2 Belts

Wiring Kit

Assembly Hardware

Complete your Machine with these popular add-ons.
BlackBox X32
Motion Control

24V Power Supply

NEMA 17 Stepper Motor

Laser Add On
From companies known to produce high quality laser systems compatible with the OpenBuilds ACRO System (Sold separately)
INCLUDED at no additional cost - OpenBuilds CAM and CONTROL software is everything you need to get started making or purchase LightBurn solution that also include great features.
OpenBuilds CAM
OpenBuilds CONTROL

LightBurn GCODE Laser Software

Assembly/Support/Documentation/3D Models
Easy follow along assembly video – top notch awesome community support – open source files and documentation and examples.

This design or build includes OpenBuilds®, LLC design work(s) shared Open Source under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License Terms and Conditions

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